How to Ensure You Enjoy Your Time in Wailea

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 12:33 am

Wailea continues to have one of the lowest crime rates of any resort community in the state, especially considering our density of residential, commercial and hotel properties along with 5 of the busiest beaches on the island.  This can be attributed to our Wailea Patrol, various resort securities, and the resort communications network of the WCA Safety & Risk Committee.

However, occasionally there may be some determined criminals in the area that can cause harm to property and possibly persons.  Here are some tips for keeping you and your property safe.


Most criminals seek out unoccupied homes, but they will also go for the easy access like unlocked doors.

  •  Make sure you close and lock all doors and sliding lanai doors.
  • Lock your windows.
    • If you have a multi-position windows make sure they are secured in the smallest open position.
    • Don’t forget to close your louvers/jalousies
    • Install motion sensors for your outdoor lights.
    • Do not  open your door if you hear sounds outside
    • Do not leave any valuables (purses, computers, cameras, etc.) in plain view from windows.
    • Call 911 immediately to alert police.
    • If leaving your home for any period of time close and lock all windows and doors.


Generally when there is crime at the Beach Parks it occurs in the parking lots.

  •  Make sure you or your guests lock all car doors.
  • Do not leave items exposed in the back seat.
  • Do not move items into the trunk of their car in plain view.
  • Do not place car keys in a magnetic “hide-a-key” under a wheel well while in plain view.
  • Do not assume that you are not being watched, look around and double check to make sure that all the car doors are locked before you walk away.  If you have expensive items, or items you just don’t want to lose, move them into the trunk before you leave for the beach OR DON’T BRING THEMDo not load these items into your trunk while parked at the beach parking lot.
  • If you see someone sitting in their vehicle and they look suspicious:
    • Let them know that you see them.  Look at them straight in the eyes, smile and wave.
    • Then casually make a note of their vehicle description and license plate number before heading to the beach.


If you feel that someone may be committing a crime

Call the Maui Police at 244-6400.

If you spot suspicious vehicles or people, contact Wailea Patrol at 870-8817.

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